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Are you an expert in Financial Analysis? Do you have a keen eye for markets and investment? Do you want to be read by over 20,000 Association of Financial Analyst members worldwide? Here’s what we’re looking for.

We publish original views on trends,  markets and analysis techniques backed up by trustworthy sources and strong argument.

Articles must be a minimum of 350 words and we do not publish submissions that are trying to market or sell a product or make unsubstantiated claims that are not clearly labeled as the opinion of the author.

What’s the ROI?

If we like your article and publish it on AoFA you will reach over 20,000 Association of Financial Analyst members worldwide under your own byline.

Our readers like to get to the point — which means every submission should focus on one major point and really argue or explain it rather than covering too many things at once. You must be a keen writer focused on financial topics and markets and if you’ve got more to say, we’d love to see you write another post.

What subjects or length do you publish?

We are open to all topics realted to the world of the financial analyst – if you have a topic in mind then email us at publisher@alltheanalysts.com.

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  1. You are at least 18 years old.
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