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About ATA

The Association of Financial Analysts is part of ATA – a platform for industry analysts to connect in expert communities and spread social influence. Discussions focus on the latest market trends, opportunities, methodologies and tools and allow brands to engage with conversations about the latest solutions.

Each ATA group is focused on a specific industry – Enterprise Technology, Finance, Energy, etc – for more details visit: http://alltheanalysts.com.

Clients include:



For Analysts

Connect with peers. Discuss the latest market trends. If you are an analyst with sector expertise then drop us an email with your experience and find out more about working with ATA.

For Brands

We work with a range of innovative companies to build analyst relations and deliver messaging about upcoming events, products or services of interest to our communities. If you are interested in working with us then get in touch.


If you are looking to raise awareness of an event, a relevant product or you have an innovative business model to promote please get in touch.


Find out about getting your message direct to our members worldwide via a group announcement. Take advantage of discrete banner advertising to promote your event. Power your messaging and ensure it is being read by the people that really count.



We welcome high calibre candidates from a range of specialities and the group includes leading: Investment analysts, securities analysts, buy-side equity research analysts, sell-side equity research analysts, social influence, finance business analysts and brokerage analysts amongst others

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